First day at school, the beginning of the season ‘proper’ or a new term, call it what you will, but however you look at it today has been a manic one.

At daybreak on Monday morning Manor Farm Stables, or top yard as we like to call it, was a place of tranquility, completely peaceful awaiting the army of horses about to arrive.

Now, 10 hours on many, many horses later we have officially started our winter season again.

Young guns looking ready to fire

Personally, the exciting thing for me is that it’s not just the older horses which have come back in ready to do battle again, but that the younger horses now stabled just outside my house look an extremely above average team.

Clo Sacre, Garo Du Juilley, Adrien Du Pont, Copain De Classe, Clan Des Obeaux and many, many more of their stablemates are young horses that you would hope could turn into the stars of the forthcoming seasons.

In all truth, it is at this time year we are usually all longing for the winter horses to come back in to give us all something to do.

Summer season goes to plan

That has not been the case this summer though due to our fast start and number of winners we have achieved already. Paul had an aim at the start of this season to try and reach 20 winners by October, and on Sunday we got to our target.

That is not bad going at all and the credit must go to an extremely hard-working smaller core of staff that have made it all possible. The summer horses look in fantastic shape and are running accordingly. This all bodes well as we start to get much busier.

It is always an interesting time of year, new staff and new horses in equal measure so everyone is getting to know one another and, after day one, happily still getting along.

For me personally this summer has been a busy one, but excellent all the same.

A lot has gone on since I’ve blogged last and the new gallop I mentioned before is now completed and looks fantastic. Both of our two yards look incredibly smart and the feeling of optimism is palpable.

Ahead of us now is a tough part of the year; plenty of hard work without a huge number of runners, but if the sun shines like it has this week then our pre season should be a good one.

Rob’s bbq a summer highlight

The team BBQ and rounders match is next on the agenda at Ditcheat, or as I like to call it the social highlight of the calendar, where the talent on display on the rounders field is really quite something to behold and bettered only by Gallop master Rob Lee’s skills at the grill.

You might suggest while reading this ‘aren’t they all creatures of habit down in Ditcheat?’, simply working round the calendar each year doing the same things depending on what time of the season it is. In truth you would be right.

However, with a strong and motivated leader in Paul and a team staff behind him as ambitious and as hungry for success as he is, things in Ditcheat are never dull. We work hard on the quiet days knowing that the big days will come and when they do they will be as special as ever

We only swing when we’re winning

I must go now, something called the sun has come out so myself, Rob and Andrew are heading to the local golf course to see how our swings our coming along.

While, it is more a case of more Happy Gilmore than Henrik Stenson, I hear God loves a trier so we will keep bashing on.