You have to jump to win

We have both hurdles and fences outside that can be utilised when a horse is in need of some experience of jumping at speed before it runs (traditionally novices and unraced horses).

We use Gill and Punter plastic brush hurdles and Easyfix hurdles and fences, which are excellent, as the novice chasers respect the fences and the hurdlers learn to get height without being intimidated. They are also very low maintenance and fit our routine very well. We have four of each type in a line with one of the fences built as a ditch.

The 20m x 40m schooling ring located at Highbridge has a Martin Collins EcoTrack competition surface and is enclosed by a 6ft high cladded fence. The obstacles within the area are reversed 4ft high plastic brush hurdles so horses can jump them in both directions.

The complete novices start off over poles before advancing with time and experience to the baby fences and ditches. This facility is hugely beneficial to all our horses as there is nothing that a horse will experience on the racecourse in terms of jumping missing from the school. We have the safety of an enclosed area if horses get loose and a consistently good footing to use for this vital education and exercise.