Feed to Win

Nutrition can influence performance in many ways, including influencing digestive health, nutrient conversion, muscle recovery rate and the ability to withstand oxidative stress. Utilising a feed that is supplemented to support the equine athlete in all of these challenges is part of Manor Farm Stables recipe for success.

The equine digestive system is responsible for the conversion of nutrients, providing the energy needed to fuel performance. Digestive system health directly impacts on both recovery and performance, as well as influencing immune response. The balance of bacteria within the hind gut is sensitive to both dietary and environmental stresses. Use of prebiotics and complex fibres can enhance conversion within the hind gut, reduce risk of digestive disorders and positively impact immune response.

As part of any training programme oxidative stress is present and needs to be carefully managed with a feed that provides additional antioxidant support. D&H natural plant based antioxidants cocktail, QLC, is proven to increase total antioxidant capacity of the horse and to have a sparing effect on vitamin E.

Racepower Cubes contains Actisaf yeast, FOS, MOS and Fibre Plus Complex supporting digestive health. These supplements, although having different effects, act synergistically supporting and maintaining an effective and healthy hind gut during throughout the season. Racepower Cubes also contain QLC antioxidants and an elevated level of vitamin E negating the need for additional supplementation and maintaining total antioxidant capacity on a daily basis.

Complimenting Racepower Cubes the horses at Manor Farm Stables are fed Fibre Fusion, a novel chaff made with a blend of sanfoin, alfalfa and grass. Fibre Fusion is naturally palatable and provides a good source of minerals as well as being supplemented with Fibre Plus Complex.

We work closely with the nutrition team at D&H monitoring our total dietary intake, assessing forages, feeds and supplement use to ensure we maximise our performance for the season.